Going Green by Recycling the Past

Going Green by Recycling the Past

Giving New Life to Old Wood


In this era of living a more eco-conscious lifestyle, reclaimed materials are all the rage. Sustainability is such a hot topic and Southeastern Salvage is proud to offer so many reclaimed resources, especially reclaimed wood products. One of the most popular trends of hardwood right now is reclaimed wood. This trend goes beyond just flooring to include countertops, shiplap wall paneling, furniture, and home décor.

Southeastern Salvage is working with Reclaimed Reserve, a company who specializes in reclaiming wood from old horse barns, tobacco barns, fences, whiskey distilleries, cotton mills, and railroad warehouses, as well as other historical buildings earmarked for demolition in the Southeastern states.

The structures are carefully dismantled by hand in order to leave a minimal carbon footprint and at least 90% of each structure is salvageable. The sad truth is much reusable wood ends up in landfills every year. According to The Environmental Literacy Council, landfills in the United States contain at least 7% wood. By salvaging so much of these buildings, we assure less material ends up in landfills. Using reclaimed wood also means less reliance on new growth, and helps eliminate the carbon emissions that come with harvesting new wood for manufacturing.

Much care is taken in the handling of this antique wood so the unique color variations, grains, notches, and textures are preserved. It is not mass produced and each board is hand-crafted with precision. It is sorted carefully, and only the best wood is chosen to be repurposed. It is then de-nailed by hand, graded, kiln dried, pyro treated, straight line sawed, planed, and molded into new product with unmatched character and appeal.

The wood used for flooring and wall paneling is primarily a blend of red oak and white oak, and ranges in color from medium to dark. Some of this wood is skip planed, meaning the wood is planed down from its original thickness to expose saw marks, nail holes, and other character details, such as paint from the original structure. The high spots are taken off the board, leaving much of the original surface and patina while creating an even, straight board for proper installation.

Premier Grade is planed smooth, but still shows some nail holes and wear from the wood’s historic past. Countertops are planed smooth from heart pine, beech, or oak.

Antique wood that has been weathered over hundreds of years by nature and man has more structural integrity, strength, and history than new wood. There is no substitution for the real thing, and the natural beauty of reclaimed wood, with all its years of character, cannot be duplicated with new wood.

All our wood is unfinished, allowing you to show off the beautiful aging of the rustic wood, but it can also be stained, oiled, or varnished depending on your use or design preferences.

If you are environmentally conscious and looking for eco-friendly products, reclaimed wood is a perfect choice. It is ideal for residential or commercial use and will easily become a focal point and conversation piece.

Countertops are available in most of our store locations. Flooring and Wall Paneling are only available in our Chattanooga and Nashville stores currently.

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