Decorating your home for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas

Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be expensive!


Christmas is, by far, my favorite time of year, and nothing is more exciting than getting the house ready for the holidays. However, after looking around for the perfect Christmas decor, I've noticed that it can get expensive real quick. So, after some thinking and researching online, I realized that if I made my own decorations, it would be far cheaper. I decided to look around Southeastern Salvage to see what I could use to make the perfect decorations that could be used not only for Christmas, but also for everyday home decor.

One of the first things to catch my eye was the wide variety of decorative lanterns. There were both metal and wooden lanterns that look beautiful year round, but with just a few small tweaks, I think we could make them a bit more festive. The simplest decoration I thought of was to fill one with ornaments. It's colorful and festive, and some battery powered Christmas lights inside really made it pop. As a finishing touch, I used some ribbon to make a cute bow to place on top.

Southeastern Salvage, Lanterns $8.99-$41.99 / Wired Ribbon $1 per roll

Before I move on from the lanterns, however, there's another cute idea that I can put together. I picked up some small figurines, buildings, and the like from the dollar store and I thought it would just look amazing to make little Christmas and winter scenes inside the lanterns and decorative glass containers. This is so much fun, because you can really personalize them and make scenes that reflect the activities and memories that are meaningful to your family. With a little bit of fake snow and some battery powered lights, these decorations will certainly make your holiday special.

However if lanterns don't quite match your style I was able to achieve the same results with a molten glass and reclaimed teak wood vase, and some other decorative glass containers I found!

Southeastern Salvage, Molten Glass & Reclaimed Teak Vases $19 / Glass Containers $8.98-$13.98

While these pieces looked great in the living room and outside on the front porch, I really needed something a little different for my dining room table. I was thinking of what would make sense to have on the table where people would be eating. It shouldn't be too big, and it should be easy to move from the table if extra space for food was needed. While browsing, I found several types of containers, but out of all that I saw, the one that really got my attention was a basket made of woven wood. It wasn't festive on its own but I knew that I could dress it up nice. In a nearby aisle, I found a bin full of assorted potpourri in a variety of colors. I knew that for the perfect Christmas look, I needed the red and white ones. Now it looked great as is, but I felt that there was more I could do to this to give it that finishing touch. Since it's going to be on the dining room table, I figured I should put something in it that has a nice Christmas smell. When I think of Christmas scents, one of the first things to come to mind is cinnamon and pine cones. After adding those, it still felt like it was missing something. Thankfully, I had some extra fake snow leftover from the terrariums, so I placed a bit of the fake snow and used a red spun bamboo tray as a stand underneath the display. This gave it the appearance that it was floating on a bed of freshly fallen snow.

If this piece is a bit too big for your table, or you just want something that is smaller, I made another really cute centerpiece with a metal rectangular container. To make this one extra special, I put some fresh cut holly around and underneath it. This added a lot of color, and really made it stand out. And to top it off, I added some battery-powered Christmas lights to give it a little bit of glow underneath.

Another fun idea I had was to do this with a long spun bamboo bowl. To make it really magical, I added a bright bow on top.

Southeastern Salvage, Potpourri $4.98 / Candles $1-$5 / Spun Bamboo Trays & Bowls $6-$19 /
Metal Planter $12 / Wood Chip Trays $7-$12

Making these decorations was so much fun and super easy! While walking around the store I was able to come up with so many festive decorations, way too many to list in just one article. So make sure to stay on the lookout for part two, where we will continue to make even more merry decorations!

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