Natural Grass Placemats

Natural Grass Placemats

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One of the most profound cultural changes of the 20th century is the rise of a much more casual style. It started with how we dress and has overflowed into our speech, our dining habits, and just plain general living. Isn’t it more comfortable to be casual?

Casual living has creeped into every aspect of our lives, including the dinner table. Table linens used to consist of full table cloths, but they are quickly being replaced with placemats. Both protect the surface of your table from damage; however, placemats are more convenient and can easily be wiped off or shaken out rather than laundered.

We recently purchased some Natural Grass Placemats made of raffia, agel, and water grass. Raffia and grasses are sustainably harvested, meaning the source plant is not destroyed, allowing it to continue to grow and produce after harvesting. These grasses are flexible and pliant and can be easily braided, woven, or knotted to form beautiful patterns.

Our Natural Raffia Placemats are handwoven in a spiral pattern and edged with fringe. Have you seen them on Serena & Lily’s website for $38? You can get the same look with ours for only $9 and we have them in 2 colors – Natural and Light Grey. They have a Tropical or Coastal feel about them, especially when used on your patio or sunporch.

Natural Raffia Placemats in 2 colors: Natural and Light Grey - 15 inch diameter - $9 each

We also have a Natural Agel Grass Placemats that is hand-braided by skilled artisans then coiled into a flower pattern with looped border. Only one continuous braided rope is used to make each placemat and it is hand-stitched to keep the pattern intact. Perfect for that Boho Chic look.

Crate & Barrel has a similar flower-shaped placemat for $16.95, but for our price of $9, you can buy two of our placemats for only a $1 more than one placemat at Crate & Barrel and ours has much more detail.

Natural Agel Grass Placemats - 15 inch diameter - $9 each

The circle symbolizes the nature of the universe and perfection, and what is more perfect than a center circle surrounded by 12 smaller circles? These Natural Water Grass Placemats are also hand-braided and coiled into circles, then hand-stitched to keep them in place. The 3 neutral colors – Natural, Black, or Grey-Washed – will highlight your brightly colored tableware and linens or blend with other neutral colors for a more Farmhouse Modern flair.

We found a water hyacinth sunflower placemat on Etsy for $20 and it’s almost identical to our placemats, except you can buy a set of four of ours for the same price as one on Etsy.

Natural Water Grass Placemats in 3 colors: Natural, Black, and Grey-Washed - 15 inch diameter - $9 each

Whether your décor is Farmhouse, Tropical, Boho, Coastal Chic, or something entirely different, these natural woven placemats will be at home on your table. They can also double as trivets for hot pots and pans or be used under planters and pottery to protect your floor or furniture. And they make great housewarming gifts.

And if you’re really creative, you can make interesting wall décor by arranging several placemats on your wall, or even deconstructing them. Try spray painting or color washing them to give them a pop of color.

How do our Natural Grass Placemats fit with your casual living? Show us on Instagram at @southeasternsalvage or on Twitter at @SESHomeEmporium.

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