Captain Rodney’s Private Reserve

Captain Rodney’s Private Reserve

Cookin’ up a Bounty of Taste

How It’s Made

Captain Rodney's Private Reserve is truly the finest in Caribbean and Southern specialties, made with premium ingredients and cooked slowly in small batches using time-honored methods. Knowing that the finished product is only as good as the ingredients put in, pure cane sugar is used instead of high-fructose corn syrup, whole fruits and berries instead of fruit syrup mixes, and locally grown fresh produce rather than frozen.

In the spirit of the Caribbean pirates known as buccaneers, Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers and Caribbean spices are used to give each batch of Captain Rodney’s sauces, glazes, rubs, and jellies a taste of the islands and a nice kick that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

They are perfect marinades for grilling beef, pork, chicken, and fish, and can also be cooked with vegetables, casseroles, or used in appetizers. They make ideal dipping sauces, and can even be added to cocktails.

Anyone who loves hot sauces, will love the spicy complex taste with enough heat to make you sit up and pay attention. Get ready to set sail on a culinary adventure and check out these recipes for some incredibly tasty ideas.

Original Boucan Glaze is made with Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers, pure cane sugar and locally grown bell peppers for that just right blend of peppers and spices. It delivers a sweet heat to dishes that is hard to beat. Try the “Top Tailgating Recipe in the South" Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake or Captain Rodney’s Tangy Tailgate Drumettes from The Savory Pantry.

Sweet Garlic Dipping & Grilling Glaze has the flavor of sweet, rich, roasted garlic is excellent on chicken or pork loin, and makes an unforgettable Boucan Italian Cheeseball.

Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce combines the unique flavorful heat of our Boucan spices with sweet peaches for a taste that will keep your guests coming back for more. Try it with any barbeque, or on Cedar-Planked Salmon. Peachtree Chicken Cheese Dip is a tasty, Buffalo-style dip, with the Captain's signature southern flair, or if you want a truly unique cornbread, try this award-winning Southern Peach Skillet Cornbread.

Black Coffee BBQ Sauce honors the tradition of the Boatswain or “Bo’sun, the senior crewman on deck responsible for taking care of the crew, who would often make strong coffee to keep the crew alert. This unique barbeque sauce combines dark, roasted coffee and a hint of balsamic vinegar that works perfectly with Coffee Barbeque Pork Tenderloin, Slow Cooker Coffee Barbeque Meatballs, and even spruces up a Barbeque Bloody Mary.

Temptation of Jezebel Sauce mixes the sweet and tangy taste of the old South with tropical pineapples, sweet apples, cracked black pepper and a little horseradish for just the right amount of bite. Try it as a glaze over meat and vegetables or whip up this Creamy Temptation of Jezebel Dip to serve with crackers, chips, or raw veggies.

Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Rub uses real whiskey to add a kick to the natural smoky flavor of this unique rub. Reminiscent of oak barrels and cigars, this is the perfect rub for steaks and burgers. It also makes a great Chilled BBQ Dip and gives an interesting flavor profile to Boucaneer’s Pimento Cheese.

Steak & More All-Purpose Rub adds just the right amount of flavor, without overpowering your steak, vegetables or anything you sprinkle it over. A dollop of this Steak & Burger Dressing on top of your burger patty or steak will bring a smooth creamy flavor with a kick. Okay, it’s so good, you’ll want to use more than a dollop. It’s also great as a dip.

And any Captain Rodney’s glazes are the perfect complement to Rotisserie Chicken.

Now that we’ve whet your appetite, show us what you’ve cooked up using Captain Rodney’s products. Share your photos on Instagram at @southeasternsalvage or on Twitter at @SESHomeEmporium

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